HVAC Controls

Walters Controls, Inc. is a leading supplier/installer of Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems in the Central Gulf Coast. Our focus is directed not only to the contractor community but also to owners and multi-discipline design build teams. Our control offerings allow us to be a master integrator of different systems such as HVAC, Security, Access Control and Lighting Systems.

All systems we provide are based on an open architecture and use the predominant protocols found in HVAC controls such as BacNet, LonWorks and Modbus. In today’s environment of energy management and conservation, you need more than just a reliable and dependable system. The modern day building owner wants and demands analytics that allow for measuring what data is saved and valuable. Proving metering is such an important part of today’s energy management culture. Walters Controls offers many different “dashboards” for customer reports, analysis and cost comparisons. It is a known fact, if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

With control systems provided by Walters Controls, state, national and ASHRAE codes are met in a more effective fashion, on time and by qualified employees. This affords comfort while also providing more human productivity in a healthy environment.

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